Maison Cauchie

Maison Cauchie (the Cauchie House)

An Art Nouveau gem, Cauchie House has one of the most interesting façades around. In particular, make sure you look out for the etchings (from the Italian "sgraffitto" "scratched") that adorn the façades. The technique involves putting on a dark coat of lime, sand and charcoal and then a clear layer of mortar. You then draw the image by carving into the clear coat, revealing the black layer of mortar beneath.
Paul Cauchie used this method to cover almost the entire façade in etchings where you can see eight symbols of the arts. You will also find this technique used on the ground floor living room, where these etchings decorate the walls, symbolising the five senses.

He started his study of architecture in Antwerp at an early age. In 1893, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. He was there until 1898, learning different techniques - including the technique of etching and decorative painting. He very quickly became a specialist in this form of etching, an admirable personal achievement. To visit Cauchie House.