During your travels, you will have most certainly noticed the many murals depicting the heroes of your favorite comic strips. Indeed, as you’ll have probably have understood, Brussels is the city of comic strips! To complete your visit to the Belgian Centre for Comic Strips, here are some façades not to be missed: 
The character of André Franquin, born on February the 28th 1957, on his throne in the real Boulevard Pacheco! This famous three dimensional anti-hero is made of resin. To record the visit, make sure you take a souvenir photo. Smile!

Blake and Mortimer

Go to number 24 of rue du Houblon and you’ll discover the front of Blake and Mortimer on one of the walls of the biscuit shop ‘Dandoy’.
Since 2005, the mural has illustrated the Professor Edgar Angus Mortimer, his friend Colonel Francis Percy Blake, the Office of Intelligence Service (Scotland Yard) and the famous "Yellow Mark" created by EP Jacobs. It occupies about 104 m2 and is signed G. Oreopoulos and D. Vandegeerde.

Tintin and Haddock

Since 1988, the Stockel metro station has been decorated with two murals of over 130 meters long, each depicting a variety of characters from the adventures of Tintin.
The Studio Hergé brought them to life and they were then restored in 2006.

Lucky Luke

Head to rue de laBuanderie, at the courner of rue T'Kindt and you’ll discover a beautiful mural depicting the famous cowboy, from the artist De Moris.
Created in 1993 by G. Oreopoulos and D. Vandegeerde, it occupies an area of approximately 180 m2.


This fresco occupies about 160 m2 of Numbers 33-35 of rue de la Laundry. It illustrates the Gauls of Asterix village attacking the Roman camp as in the famous cartoon by Goscinny and Uderzo.
It is a realization of G. Oreopoulos, D. Vandegeerde, M. Bordier, K. Weiss.