From Poelaert Square, named after the architect who constructed the Palace of Justice in Brussels, a building larger than the Basilique St Pierre de Rome and nicknamed the Mammoth by the locals, you’ll find the start of Louise Avenue. After visiting this imposing (and justice stifling some would say) building, don’t miss the panoramic view over the whole of the north of town.

Take the staircase, or jump in the two lifts which descend into the typical streets of the popular quarter of Marolles: a change of scenery guaranteed!Next make your way towards Stephanie Square, named in honour of Princess Stephanie, daughter of the King of Belgium, Leopold I and sister of Princess Louise. This place is certainly the starting point for all shopping addicts…

We invite you to follow your walk by taking the famous Louise Avenue. Known for its numerous incalculable boutiques and noted for its luxury shops, this avenue has often been called Brussels Champs-Elysees, in reference to the mythical Parisian avenue!You can re-join the town centre at the La Cambre Wood or equally at the Forest of Soignes. The amateurs of Art Nouveau will enjoy the beautiful facades created by Horta (numbers 346 and 246) or when visiting his museum

An alternative route is also possible.
At the start of Stephanie Square, the beginning of the avenue of Toison-d’Or is considered a temple of luxury.
Here you’ll find, for example, the big jewellery shops. Walking back up the avenue just to the door of Namur, you will discover the commercial galleries hiding some real treasures….