Once you’ve discovered the city centre and the outlying suburbs of Louise or Ixelles you will have most likely noticed that their areas are fairly small. The reason for this is that many people don’t actually live in Brussels city centre itself. Many, for good reason, choose the calm and green surroundings of the regions listed below, the "green outskirts of Brussels".


Situated to the south of Brussels, bordering the Forêt de Soignes, Uccle is considered the most exclusive area of Brussels, formed by the union of Uccle and the Lords Carloo and Stalle in 1795 while under French rule.
Walking through the streets, you’ll be able to admire the beautiful houses and pretty gardens as well as a number of listed buildings. In addition to the attractive surroundings you’ll also find many high end shops and restaurants in the areas of Saint-Fort Jaco Job and Heroes.

Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

These regions are equally as residential and green as Uccle. Indeed, if you enjoy being surrounded by calm, you’ve made a good choice.By staying here, you will be on the one hand close to the city, and on the other, blessed with a green setting. Numerous restaurants and shops await you.


Bordered by the 750 hectare Sonian Forest, this region is made up of both working class and bourgeoise inhabitants – such is the contrast of Brussels. Wherever you happen to walk in this region you’ll more than likely come across the Logis and Floreal, two city-gardens each founded by a cooperative society at the start of the 1920’s. Renown throughout the world, these houses have kept all their charm and become highly sought after. Today, these protected city-gardens attract a number of tourists, including the Japanese. They come in the month of May to admire the avenues disappear under a blanket of colourful blooms, known also as ‘Cherry blossom… of Japan’. For the best views head up to one of the taller buildings surrounding the area …


Thisrural community also offers parks and gardens where the Bruxellois enjoy walking. More popular than the municipalities mentioned above, it has many bars and restaurants. Neighbouring the town of Saint-Gilles, it also offers fine examples of Art Nouveau architecture.