As the geographical centre of Europe and the capital of the European Union, Brussels is at the crossroads of major commercial routes in Europe. Today, getting to Brussels by air is easy.

National Airport of Brussels

Located at Zaventum, Dutch speaking community less than 15km from the centre of town, the airport is easily accessible by car or on public transport: Rail (Airport City Express) or by bus (Airport Line).

With more than 17 million travellers passing through here in a year, Brussels National Airport has increased its traffic by over 8% annually. All major airlines fly to Brussels, giving customers a large number of direct flights to choose from.

In the immediate surroundings of the airport, you will find numerous hotels for an array of budgets. The proximity to the centre, combined with attractive prices in general, make it a good option if you are travelling by car.

If you choose to travel with one of the low-cost airlines, you will be welcomed to Charleroi Airport
, called Brussels South as located in the south of Brussels, some 45 minutes from the center. A taxi service is available.

If you want to be more economical, you can reach Brussels by using the services of the Brussels City Shuttle of the TEC or taking a train to Charleroi station and from there a bus which will bring you up the airport in Charleroi in around 20 minutes.

For more information on access from the airport to Brussels or from Brussels airport to the center of the city, click here.

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