Brussels transport

The historical centre of Brussels is not very extensive and the best way to visit is on foot or cycling. For shopping or non-cultural activities in the peripherals districts an excellent network of trams, buses and metro is available.

Discover a hourly updated map of the traffic in Brussels, click here.

On foot

The most economical and environmentally friendly way! You'll see particulars which you might miss if you take other forms of transport, you will "feel" the city and fully live the Brussels "art de vivre". Tired? There will always be a tram or bus nearby, a taxi or a marauding welcoming café.

Public transport

The public transport consists of buses, trams and metro. A tram or metro ticket costs € 1.70 and a number of special packages at attractive prices are available. The train takes you from Brussels and all over Belgium to numerous destinations in Europe. Passing through the stations of Brussels North, Brussels Central and Brussels Midi, four trains per hour connect the city centre to Brussels Airport.


If you prefer to travel by taxi in Brussels and to its periphery (tariff zone 1), it will cost you € 2.40 for the pick-up charge and € 1.60 per km. In traffic or waiting, you will be asked for € 30 per hour. Between 10.00 pm and 6.00 am, a supplement of € 2 will be added (the meter is equipped with a clock-calendar that allows automatic recording of the additional sum).

The price paid includes a tip but you are of course free to tip extra (about 10% of the total), if your driver is particularly friendly or helps you install your luggage.

The driver is obliged to provide you with a printed ticket (not a written ticket) corresponding to your trip once it is finished. This ticket contains the number of the taxi, the fare and a variety of useful information in case of complaints or lost objects.


A pleasant and economical way to visit the city is by bike with the system VILLO, a partnership between the city of Brussels and a private operator: you will be able to take it wherever you want and you can then leave it wherever you want. You can rent a bike for half an hour, one hour or several days. The price for half an hour is € 0.50. These bikes have been designed to meet individual needs. They are equipped with a frame whose shape allows users to effortlessly ride. More info on VILLO and others different possibilities.


Whether your own car or rented one, plan to move around the capital between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm and after 7.00 pm. During rush hour traffic is very dense, especially on the outer periphery, the Ring. In the city centre and in all the city, the authorities' policy is to make the city to its inhabitants and to promote means of common or ecological transport. A very good thing for the quality of life but a nightmare for motorists ...


The Segaway is a new, easy and pleasant way to visit Brussels. If you have never tried it do not worry as a 15 minute drive, together with all the necessary usage tips, will be provided to you before you leave.