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How much will you spend during your stay in Brussels? Whatever your age, the reasonable prices found in Brussels have an excellent quality/price ratio.

The reputation of the famous Belgian hospitality is second to none, especially in the capital where the 175 nationalities living together guarantee you amazing culinary experiences. For accommodation, all types of possibilities exist, from the most modest to the most luxurious. To move, again, the choice is wide and available in proportion to your tastes and budget.

Brussels presents itself without makeup and with its unique art of living in Europe.


On 1st January 2000, became the euro (€) the official currency of Belgium and the Belgian franc was abandoned. Seventeen countries of the European Union, representing nearly 322 million people, also form part of the Eurozone: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Slovakia.

The Euro is available in coins (cents or eurocents) and in notes.
The coins are available as : 1 cent (€0.01), 5 cents (€0.05), 10 cents (€0.10), 20 cents (€0.20) and 50 cents (€0.50).
The notes are available as : €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €500. Attention : because of counterfeits, the €500 note is rarely accepted in shops.

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Banks, ATMS, credit cards

The banks’ opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 3.30am, with occasional closures between 12.30pm and 2.00pm and openings on Saturday mornings. Practically all bank branches have an ATM, called Bancontact. Withdrawal costs are the same for all banks and therefore you should not worry that you might be paying higher fees.

Payments by credit cards are very widespread and all the major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard or AMEX, are accepted in many shops and restaurants.

Public transport

Like major capitals in Europe, Brussels has an excellent public transport network. The cost (April 2012) of a single trip on the metro or tram or bus is €1.70.

There are many differents fares, some espacially made for tourist.

For more information, routes and complete prices on public transport in Brussels, click here.


In all cafes, restaurants and nightclubs, a 15% tip (service) is always included in the bill’s total. However, it is becoming increasingly common, especially if you are satisfied with the service, to give an additional 10% tip on bills under €50 or a 5% tip on bills over €50. For taxis, see this dedicated section.


You can choose between 1 to 5 stars hotels, appart-hotels, B&Bs or hostels: a wide range of prices for all budgets, from €14 to over €4,500 a night...

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Drinks and meals

The large number of cafes and restaurants in Brussels offer you an impressive range of prices, to fit your budget or your preferences.

A softdrink of a popular brand from a traditional café in Brussels costs between €1.50 and €2.00, a local beer costs between €1.80 and €2.00, a glass of wine between €3.00 and €5.00, a coffee between €1.50 and €2.00.

A meal consisting of an appetizer, a main course and a dessert will cost you between €15 and €20 in a good quality restaurant, whilst the same menu (but not with the same composition and/or not the same decoration) will cost you between €30 and €50 in a more upscale restaurant.

In the evening, a drink or an alcoholic cocktail from a nightclub or a trendy bar will cost you between €8 and €15.


Brussels is well know for high food quality and cosy atmosphere at competitives prices.