What to visit


Brussels is a city with a split personality: french speaking people vs  flemish speaking, historic vs hip, warmest inhabitants vs compassed (or wrongly feel as) Eurocrats officials. Plenty of contrast and contradictions, the city is a multicultural equation.


Take your time to feel the Brussels atmosphere when walking along the temple of fashion or the Marolles streets with their pictured walls tiny houses, in the quartier Louise for some beautiful Art Nouveau style private houses. For the cultural aspect, do not miss the museums at the Mont des Arts: again contradiction between classical vs surrealist arts of the Magritte Museum.

The Royal Palace, Brussels residence of King Albert the Second, the megalomaniac Palais de Justice (Brussels Court House), the Auto World at the Cinquantenaire Park, the Centre Belge de la bande dessinée (Belgian Comics Strip Museum) and Tintin, the famous Belgian reporter who have his own museum, the Musée des Instruments de Musique (Musical Instruments Museum) with one of the  world’s biggest collection of musical instruments or the church of Notre Dame du Sablon with her lovely  square of Petit Sablon. The majestic St Michel and Ste Gudulle cathedral and the world famous Atomium, the Mini Europe worth also absolutely your visit.

For you own pleasure, their are many delicious restaurants for unforgettable experiences of Belgian cuisine specialties or from different countries.

And never forget our Must do's. Really a must!