Weather Overview

Brussels have a moderate climate with four distinctive seasons which differ in temperature. Average temperature vary from 22°C and lows of -3°C makes Brussels climate in many ways similar to a continental climate. Actually, the city is one the same line of latitude as Vancouver in Canada or Seattle in the US.

Due to the low rise and small size of Belgium, it´s climate does not vary much throughout the country. However, the location causes humidity to sometimes be high.

Summer in Brussels are particularly pleasant with comfortable temperatures. April to October is the perfect time to visit the city. Thanks to the summer schedule, you will enjoy daylight till 10pm in the evening.
In April, May and June, temperature can be really delicious with an average of 20°C to 23°C during the day. July and August are often the warmest and thundery months, when temperature can reach more than 33°C.

During the summer time, numerous outdoors concerts and festivals are organized. As they are very popular, it's a good opportunity to stroll in a typical Brussels ambiance made of 'joie de vivre'. It's also the occasion for a drink on a nice terrace of a café and dinner in one of the many restaurants having outdoors facilities. Enjoy!

The capital of Europe often enjoys an Indian Summer during the month of September. The forêt de Soignes as well as the many beautiful city's parks and gardens offer an amazing show of red and yellow leafs. Average temperature is 19°C with 139 hours of sunshine. Rainy days are unusual with an average of 9 days on the month.

Autumn (Fall) is THE season for romantic and nostalgic stroll throughout Brussels tiny streets, searching a cosy cafe for a warm chocolate with Brussels waffels. Temperature vary from 5°C to 12°C with some showers. When sun is shinnig, don't miss a walk in the forêt de Soignes.
Rainy days ? 
Many activities, from museums to fun place, specially selected for such days, are waiting to you.
Do'nt forget to pay a visit to the many Brussels fresh markets, yo 'll discover the "real" life of Brusses people.

From December to February, cold weather is usual. Snow is sometime to fall but never does not last for long. During the winter, many locations in Brussels are especially organized, allowing you to enjoy all the possibilities of winter pleasure. Don't miss a warm wine in a cosy café and/or candle light illuminated restaurants. Bon appétit!

Brussels is great in springtime altough you'll experience some shower but 15 minutes later, full sunshine. May, with sunny days and lovely temparature, is one of the best months to visit the city. For walking and strolling in the old Brussels streets,

Average Temperatures in Brussels