Autumn Adventures: 10 Thrilling Experiences in Brussels


Embark on exciting autumn adventures in Brussels

1. City Bike Tour

Explore the vibrant streets of Brussels on a guided city bike tour. Pedal through the city's historical landmarks and hidden gems, while enjoying the cool autumn breeze.


2. Comic Strip Walk

Embark on a self-guided comic strip walk through Brussels' streets. Discover the city's rich comic heritage as you encounter famous characters and larger-than-life murals.


3. Escape Room Challenge

Test your problem-solving skills in one of Brussels' thrilling escape rooms. Solve puzzles, discover hidden clues, and work together with your team to escape within the time limit.


4. Beer Tasting Experience

Indulge in a beer tasting experience in Brussels, known for its world-class breweries. Sample a variety of local beers and learn about Belgium's rich brewing traditions.