Summer Vibes: 10 Fun-filled Experiences in Brussels


Make the most of summer in Brussels with these exciting activities

1. Explore the Atomium

Unleash your inner explorer by venturing into the unique Atomium. This iconic landmark offers panoramic views of the city, fascinating exhibitions, and a chance to learn about Belgium's scientific achievements. Book a visit and prepare for an out-of-this-world experience.


2. Indulge in Belgian Chocolate Tasting

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a delectable Belgian chocolate tasting experience. Discover the secrets of chocolate making, learn how to distinguish flavors, and sample mouthwatering pralines. Treat yourself to a memorable and delicious adventure.


3. Explore the Comic Strip Route

Embark on a creative journey along Brussels' Comic Strip Route. This unique trail showcases colorful murals and larger-than-life comic strip characters adorning the city's walls. Follow the trail, admire the artwork, and capture Instagram-worthy photos.


4. Visit the Manneken Pis

Don't miss the chance to see Brussels' most famous little boy: the Manneken Pis. This tiny statue has become an iconic symbol of the city. Discover the legends surrounding it and snap a selfie with this cheeky landmark.


5. Relax at Parc de Bruxelles

Unwind in the scenic Parc de Bruxelles, a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city. Enjoy a leisurely stroll, admire the stunning statues, and bask in the serenity of this beautiful park. Pack a book and find a cozy spot under a tree for the perfect summer day.


6. Taste Belgian Beer

Immerse yourself in Belgium's beer culture by joining a Belgian beer tasting tour. Learn about the brewing process, sample a variety of flavorful brews, and discover the rich history behind Belgium's famous beer. Cheers to a hoppy adventure!