Hidden Gems of Brussels: Summer Edition


Escape the heat with these off-the-beaten-path summer experiences

1. Visit Autoworld Brussels for Car Enthusiasts

Attention car enthusiasts! Autoworld Brussels is a hidden gem that showcases a stunning collection of vintage and modern cars. Get up close to classic automobiles and learn about the history of the automotive industry. Whether you're a car lover or simply curious, Autoworld is a must-visit.


2. Discover the Comic Strip Route in Brussels

Embark on a journey through the world of comics with the Comic Strip Route in Brussels. This hidden gem takes you on a self-guided tour showcasing stunning murals of beloved comic book characters on the city's walls. Explore the streets and discover the rich comic heritage of Brussels.


3. Embark on a Street Art Tour in Saint-Gilles

Immerse yourself in the vibrant street art scene of Brussels by taking a tour of the Saint-Gilles neighborhood. This hidden gem is home to numerous impressive murals and graffiti created by local and international artists. Discover hidden masterpieces and learn about the stories behind them.


4. Discover the Mysteries of the Musical Instruments Museum

Step into a world of melody and rhythm at the Musical Instruments Museum. This hidden gem houses an extensive collection of musical instruments from around the world. Explore the unique exhibits, admire the craftsmanship, and even listen to live performances in this harmonious haven.


5. Visit the Charleroi Danse Festival

Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary dance at the Charleroi Danse Festival. This hidden gem brings together talented dancers and choreographers from around the globe for a captivating showcase of movement and expression. Witness breathtaking performances and be inspired by the art of dance.


6. Explore the Spectacular Atomium

Uncover a symbol of Brussels by visiting the iconic Atomium. This hidden gem is a futuristic architectural marvel that offers panoramic views of the city from its viewing platform. Step into the spheres, discover exhibitions, and learn about the history and significance of this unique structure.


7. Unleash Your Inner Detective at Escape Hunt Brussels

Challenge your problem-solving skills at Escape Hunt Brussels. This hidden gem offers thrilling escape room experiences where you must solve puzzles and unravel mysteries within a set time limit. Gather your friends, put your minds to the test, and see if you can escape before time runs out.


8. Enjoy a Belgian Beer Tasting at Delirium Café

Immerse yourself in the rich world of Belgian beer at Delirium Café. This hidden gem is known for its extensive beer menu, boasting over 2,000 different beers from around the world. Take a seat, sample a variety of flavors, and indulge in the diverse and delicious Belgian beer culture.


9. Discover the Magical Mini-Europe

Embark on a journey across Europe without leaving Brussels at Mini-Europe. This hidden gem is a miniature park that showcases famous landmarks from all around the continent. Marvel at the intricate replicas, learn about each destination, and take memorable photos in this enchanting setting.