Parlement Européen

European Parliament

The European Parliament is one of many institutions of the European Union. Elected by the 322 million citizens of the 27 Member States of the Union, 736 members will serve for a term of five years.
The Parliament is actively involved in drafting legislation. Many topics are discussed such as equal opportunities, environmental protection or consumer rights, in order to establish guidelines and regulations. Parliament has the ability to adopt, amend or reject the European laws that will have its impact felt in the daily life of citizens.
Its building is considered both a masterpiece of architecture and a glass monster. Nicknamed the ‘Caprice des Dieux’ (the locals of Brussels love to give names to the imposing buildings of their town), given the shape of this spectacular building, coming in at 169,000 square meters and resembling the packaging of a well-known cheese ... Cost also plays a part in this nickname - considered by many as excessive.
New: Experience the European Parliament as never before. At the Visitors' Centre in Brussels, children and adults alike get to discover in a refreshingly new way more about the institution that represents them.
Dynamic, interactive multimedia displays guide our visitors through the journey of European integration and the impact this has on our everyday lives. The Centre caters to all 23 official languages of the European Union and admission is free. The facilities have been designed to make them fully accessible to those with special needs. Click here to know more.