Summer Escapes in Brussels: 10 Refreshing Experiences


Beat the heat with these exciting summer activities in Brussels

1. Savor Belgian waffles at Maison Dandoy

Visit Maison Dandoy, a renowned bakery, and indulge in the traditional Belgian waffles topped with powdered sugar and served with a side of whipped cream. They offer a variety of flavors and toppings, ensuring a delightful experience for waffle enthusiasts.


2. Discover Belgian chocolate at La Maison du Chocolat

Embark on a delectable journey through the world of Belgian chocolate at La Maison du Chocolat. Delight your taste buds with their exquisite assortment of handmade chocolates, ganaches, and pralines. Learn about the chocolate-making process during a guided tour.


3. Hop on a beer tasting tour

Immerse yourself in the rich Belgian beer culture by joining a beer tasting tour in Brussels. Discover the diverse flavors and styles of Belgian brews while visiting some of the city's best breweries and beer bars. Expand your knowledge and appreciation for this renowned beverage.


4. Visit the historic Grand Place

Marvel at the grandeur of Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the beating heart of Brussels. Admire the stunning architectural masterpiece, adorned with intricate details and vibrant guildhalls. Sit down at a nearby cafe and soak in the vibrant atmosphere.


5. Take a boat tour on the Brussels canals

Embark on a serene boat tour along the canals of Brussels, explore hidden corners, and discover the city from a unique perspective. Enjoy a leisurely ride while appreciating the charming buildings and picturesque bridges that line the waterways.


6. Indulge in outdoor dining at Place Sainte-Catherine

Treat yourself to a delightful culinary experience at Place Sainte-Catherine, a vibrant square known for its seafood restaurants. Relish freshly caught fish, mussels, and other delectable dishes while enjoying the lively atmosphere and charming views of the nearby church.


7. Discover the comic book murals around the city

Embark on a self-guided tour to explore the colorful comic book murals that adorn the streets of Brussels. These larger-than-life art pieces pay homage to Belgium's rich comic book heritage. Spot famous characters like Tintin and the Smurfs as you wander through the city.